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The Sentinel Flashback

Take a walk down memory lane

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Some say The Sentinel is a dead fandom. Well, some people are vaguely irritating and stupid, so we'll just ignore them. The Sentinel will never be dead, if only because there is so much fandom out there for new members to survive on.

tsflashback is a community which highlights the best, the classic, and yes, the forgotten of the Sentinel fanfiction. And yes friends, we exist simply to take a long walk down memory lane. We're modeled after ds_flashback, the creator of this concept, geared toward Due South fans.

In this community, there is a selected set of seven members on a team. Each of them will make one post a week, containing their recommended fanfiction for that day, which can be either gen, het, or slash. Only those seven members will be entitled to post (with the exception of the admin of course). The task of recommending will change hands every two months, when a new set of seven members are chosen to replace the previous team.

Anyone can join this community (though few can post), and you are free to argue the quality of the story recommended, discuss what appealed to you about the story, or simply reply with your thoughts on it. The only thing I ask is that you keep an open mind, and keep any criticism or disagreements about the 'object' (story, discussion, etc.) so to speak, and not the person you're debating with.

We are equal oppurtunity recommenders here. I don't care if you like Megan/Blair or Jim/Blair, or you *hate* relationship stories. You can sign up for two months as a team member at the end of each two month period, when there will be a call for a new team. A day will be assigned to you.

You must post a rec on that day, every week for your two month stint, unless there are circumstances which keep you from it, as it has me before. In that case, it's perfectly acceptable to miss a couple of days, as long as in the end, you've posted eight recs (one for each week). It doesn't matter what day you choose to make your 'lost' recs up on.

One final thing:

You can make more than one rec in a post, and to clear things up, you *can* rec newer stories, as long as you consider them a 'better' story.

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